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Brenda Scarborough bmscarborough at ysu.edu
Tue Apr 4 10:39:11 EDT 2006

The YSU Foundation minority scholarship committee will be meeting 
shortly to discuss scholarships.  If you know of any minority (African 
American or Hispanic) student who is:

1.  Academically achieving
2.  Has financial need

DO NOT send me names of any students with lower than a 3.0 or who 
already has decent financial aid.  They will be screened through 
financial aid.  This would be good for those students whose financial 
needs are are not fully met or receive no aid.

Please send me names, academic major, a little history (single mom, 
non-traditional student, etc.) to me.

The deadline to send me names is April 15th.  PLEASE don't have the 
students call me.

The scholarships that were mentioned in the previous e-mail are for 
currently enrolled students.  The minority scholarships through the 
Foundation are achievement and need based.

Students who will be enrolling need to go through financial aid.  Make 
certain that they complete the Federal Financial Aid Form.  Look on the 
YSU Fin Aid site for scholarships.  All scholarships are achievement based.

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