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Denise and Victor,

I also congratulate my colleagues for their excellence.


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Congrats to all, and best holiday wishes.  
Denise A. Narcisse, MPA, PhD

Victor Wan-Tatah wrote:

>Brenda Scarborough wrote:
>>Youngstown State University
>>Contact Media: Ronald Cole at 330-941- 3285
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>>December 2006
>>YSU faculty and staff awards, presentations, publications
>>Samuel Adu-Poku, assistant professor, Art, presented "Multicultural Art 
>>Curriculum and Pedagogy: An Africentric Perspective" at the Ohio Arts 
>>Educators Association's convention in Cincinnati on Nov. 10.
>>Samuel Adu-Poku, assistant professor, Art, and Lauren Lee Cummins, 
>>assistant professor, Teacher Education, presented "The Impact of an 
>>Early Childhood Education Faculty and Staff Learning Community on the 
>>Scholarship of Teaching and Learning: A Reflection of a First-Year 
>>Experience" at the 26th Annual Lilly Conference on College Teaching. 
>>The presentation was Nov. 17, and the conference was at Miami 
>>University in Ohio.
>>Arlene Floyd, director, Associate Degree & Tech Prep Programs, and 
>>Sherri Lovelace-Cameron, Associate Professor, Chemistry, presented 
>>"Closing the Achievement Gap Using Self-Regulated Learning" at the 
>>National Tech Prep Network Annual Conference in Dallas.
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>>Congratulations friends on a job well done.
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