[bfsa] Apology For Previous Posting

Brenda Scarborough bmscarborough at ysu.edu
Thu May 4 11:09:09 EDT 2006

I must apologize for the bogus e-mail regarding free nursing tuition.  I 
should have known as all e-mails or offers that are TOO good to be true 
and usually TOO good to be true.  I will try more diligently to check a 
source before sending another one of the get something for nothing 
e-mails.  The scam about something from Microsoft and the other 
companies for just sending an e-mail is also bogus or an urban legend!!

Thanks to Shareef for checking the authenticity of the e-mail.  He 
actually contacted the University of District of Columbia and then in 
turn, contacted me regarding the misinformation!


    Normally, I forward all informational  emails I receive on to BFSA, 
therefore it is appropriate that I also share this update.

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