[bfsa] Welcome New YSU Staff Member

Brenda Scarborough bmscarborough at ysu.edu
Wed Apr 4 09:03:59 EDT 2007

You are welcome and thank you.

Yulanda McCarty-Harris wrote:

>Thank you all. It was indeed a pleasure to meet you guys today. I look 
>forward to meeting with you in the coming days or weeks. Please know 
>that I am here for you. I just got my email up and running today. 
>Thanks, again for the warm welcome. 
>Denise Narcisse wrote:
>>I extend best wishes to attorney McCarty-Harris. With membership's 
>>concurrence, perhaps we can host a reception for Yulonda by the close 
>>of this semester. 
>>Walk well.
>>Denise A. Narcisse
>>Brenda Scarborough wrote:
>>>  Please join me in welcoming Yulonda McCarty-Harris, Director of Equal 
>>>Opportunity and Diversity. Yulonda arrived on campus Monday of this 
>>>week.  JoAnn and I saw her as she was walking across campus and used 
>>>the opportunity to introduce ourselves to her. 
>>>  Don't hesitate to introduce yourself to her when you see her on 
>>>campus, very warm personality.  YSU has made a significant improvement 
>>>of the image of the Department, of Equal Opportunity & Diversity.   
>>>   We now have (2) very strong, intelligent, confident, capable, and 
>>>beautifully proud African American women taking care of business in one 
>>>of the most important departments on this campus.  This is a good 
>>>thing, yes it is!
>>>Brenda Scarborough, LMTA II
>>>Maag Library/Information Services
>>>Youngstown State University
>>>One University Plaza 
>>>Youngstown OH 44555-0001
>>>T:(330)941-3126 F:(330)941-3734 
>>>E:bmscarborough at ysu.edu
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>>>bfsa at lists.ysu.edu
>>bfsa mailing list
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Brenda Scarborough, LMTA II
Maag Library/Information Services
Youngstown State University
One University Plaza 
Youngstown OH 44555-0001
T:(330)941-3126 F:(330)941-3734 
E:bmscarborough at ysu.edu

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