[bfsa] Diversity Banquet

Brenda Scarborough bmscarborough at ysu.edu
Mon Apr 23 10:28:08 EDT 2007

BFSA our support is needed on this.  Things that we intend to do and 
are important to us sometimes just get set aside while we go through 
our daily busy schedules. 
 It isn't too late to get your ticket for tonights event.  We have 
always taken a leadership roll in support of this event. Let us not 
faulter on this one. 
Thanking in you in advance for your support. Brenda

 William Blake wrote:

I am at my wits end and need your assistance with a last attempt to get 
the numbers up.  

Would you please send out another announcement to the BFSA and ask them 
to get tickets to the Diversity Banquet on Monday, April 23, 2007?  The 
event will be held in the Chestnut Room of Kilcawley Center starting at 
5:00 p.m.  Tickets are $20.00 for non-students and $10.00 for YSU 
students.  The Keynote Speaker will be Ms. Debra Calhoun who is with 
the Friends Society.  The dinner has been dedicated to the victims of 
the Virginia Tech. tragedy this past Monday.  

There will be performances by Dan Wilson, the YSU Gospel Choir, the 
African Student Union Dance Ensemble and Ms. Ebody Green.  Our students 
need to see our faces in the audience and it is not to late to get a 
ticket.  Please call my secretary Karen at ext. 2087 to reserve your 
ticket.  Also, if you cannot attend we also need donations to cover the 
cost of students attending.  

BFSA has historically been the strongest supports of this diversity 
effort.  I trust that we can continue to grow this relationship.  
Please extend this invitation to the entire membership again, and if it 
is able to encourage anyone to get their reservations into us we will 
be forever grateful.

In advance, thank you for any assistance you can provide.

Thank you,

William J. Blake, Director
Office of Student Diversity Programs
(330) 941-2086
2114 Kilcawley Center


Brenda Scarborough, LMTA II
Maag Library/Information Services
Youngstown State University
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