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Very interesting NAACP report. I think the members would find this 
insightful. Thanks. 



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Dear Colleagues/Students/Friends:


As we approach the busiest shopping season of the year, you have an 
opportunity to spend your dollars with companies that have a social 
conscience and believe in fair play and equal opportunity, or you can 
spend your money with companies that discriminate.  Fortunately, the 
NAACP's "Economic Reciprocity Initiative" and the Human Rights Campaign 
"Buying Guide" will help you identify and match companies and their 
products with their records of equal opportunity.  I would advise that 
you check the status of companies in both guides, since they may have 
different ratings in each.  For example, Target receives an "80" rating 
from the Human Rights Campaign but gets an "F" or "0" rating from the 
NAACP.  (Apparently, Target has refused for the third year in a row to 
even respond to the NAACP's survey.)


Because of the size of the documents I am unable to forward them.  
However, you can download copies of the reports from the websites 
listed below.  Best wishes.  MR






"Because what most people know about affirmative action isn't right and 
what's right about affirmative action most people don't know."   
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