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>I'm writing to inform each of you that there is a one-time "only" 
meeting with representatives from Dominion East Ohio Gas at Youngstown 
city hall to discuss raising the "Flat_Rate" of natural gas for all 
Youngstown consumers, regardless of usage or not from $5 to $17.? It 
doesn't seem like much, but imagine the hardship on those of us that 
are on fixed incomes (without cost of living raises) trying to meet our 
financial obligations with not break in sight. 
>Please come and encourage any and all of your friends to come that can 
come to demonstrate the feeling of each of us that can not afford a 
raise such as this.? Each consumer is looking at paying $144 extra a 
year, whether you consume gas or not during the summer months that's 
nearly $8 million dollars they will make just from the increase for the 
city of Youngstown, alone.?
> Again, it does not matter if you use gas in your home during the hot 
months or not, we all incur the increase.? Wouldn't it be nice if we 
were able to take that much money a year and help folks and families 
that really need help or even create a business?that would hire 20 
people at fair wages per year?
>This is a righteous cause, ,we must speak truth to power, especially on 
behalf of those most effected and affected?- the elderly, the poor, the 
>Come to City Hall Monday, July 28, 2008, for this public meeting . 
Spending one hour can?save $144 dollars! They will repsond to the 
expressed sentiment of the public, it only makes sense for us to make 
our opinion known. PLease encourage your family, friends and people of 
the faith to spread the news and commit to being present. Filling 
those?Chambers with our presence will send a clear message.
>Hope to see you among the the crowd of witnessess.
>Pastor Macklin

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