[bfsa] Newest member: Elaine Sewell

Brenda Scarborough bmscarborough at ysu.edu
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 "WE" can't "BE" without "YOU".

Yulanda McCarty-Harris wrote:

>Excellent. Elaine is another shining example of diversity in the 
making. As we move into another school year, please continue to 
volunteer your services on search committees, and get involved in 
making a difference at YSU. We need BFSA's voice. 
>There are quite a few individuals that have joined over the past year, 
I will get Chris to get a list together of the new hires over the past 
year, and I will have Brenda send it out.
>Take care. 
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>     Please join me in welcoming Ms. Elaine Sewell to Black Faculty and 
Staff Association @ YSU.  Elaine was selected to fill the last LMTA 2 
position. She is a YSU graduate and she brings with her a very 
impressive career from the Mahoning County Law Library.  
>   Introduce yourselves to her when you see her on campus.  
>Brenda Scarborough, LMTA II
>Maag Library/Information Services
>Youngstown State University
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Brenda Scarborough, LMTA II
Maag Library/Information Services
Youngstown State University
One University Plaza 
Youngstown OH 44555-0001
t:(330)941-3126 e: bmscarborough at ysu.edu

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