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Thank you Victor and congratulations to our new officers.
Joan Boyd
Victor Wan-Tatah wrote:
>It is with great pleasure and satisfaction that I announce the election 
>of the BFSA Executive Council. With the final tally of ballots by the 
>Election Committee led by the Chair, Ms. Yulanda McCarthy-Harris, here 
>are the results:
>President- Hasheen Wilson
>Vice-President -  Dr. Jeff Tyus
>Treasurer - JoAnn Traylor
>Secretary- Brenda Scarborough
>I would like to take this opportunity to thank Yulanda and her 
>for the great service they have rendered to our organization, and to 
>old Executive Council for their years of service to our people at YSU. 
>It is my earnest hope that the new administration will continue from 
>where we have left off on diversity issues, and to forge new ways to 
>make our presence felt on campus. Thanks to everyone of you who 
>contributed to our success during the past few years.
>Long live BFSA
>Victor Wan-Tatah
>Out-going President
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