[bfsa] Distinguished Service Award Honorees

Susan Moorer smmoorer at ysu.edu
Mon Apr 20 09:37:38 EDT 2009

Congratulations to all of the award recipients; a job well done!

Susan Moorer

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Tom N. Oder wrote:

>My congrats to these BFSA members for the awards.
>Tom Oder
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>As Membership Chair, please allow me on behalf of BFSA to congratulate 
>President Hasheen Wilson
>Executive members: Brenda Scarborough and JoAnn Traylor
>Other BFSA members: Frank Akpadock (Professional Administrative Award) 
>Evonne Rucker, Rosa Maria Vega, and Cheryl Levy 
>As 2009 Distinguished Service Award recipients. 
>If I left anyone off, I did not have you listed on my membership list, 
>please correct me. 
>Great job and keep up the good work. We need to have you continue to go 
>beyond the call of duty.  
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>   Complete list attached. 
>Please join me in congratulating everyone of this most deserving 
>distinction.  WAY OVER DUE! 
>Brenda Scarborough, LMTA II
>Maag Library/Information Services
>Youngstown State University
>One University Plaza 
>Youngstown OH 44555-0001
>t:(330)941-3126 e: bmscarborough at ysu.edu
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Brenda Scarborough, LMTA II
Maag Library/Information Services
Youngstown State University
One University Plaza 
Youngstown OH 44555-0001
t:(330)941-3126 e: bmscarborough at ysu.edu

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