[bfsa] Congratulations to Dr. Oder

Tom N. Oder tnoder at ysu.edu
Tue Apr 28 11:09:40 EDT 2009

Thank you BFSA members for your support and kind words of congratulation. To God be the glory for this achievement!

Tom Oder

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DR. Oder:

I want to extend my congratulations for Distinguished Pofessor in 
Scholarship.  That is the most difficult award to recieve.  You must 
have completed a lot of research.

Dr. Joan L. Boyd

Yulanda McCarty-Harris wrote:

>Dr. Oder, I apologize for the oversight. I did not see your selection. 
>job, and well-deserved!
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>As I join others to congratulate our members fortheir well-deserved 
>Distinguished Service Awards, I also wnat us to extend our 
>congratulations to Dr. Tom Oder for his Distinguished Professor Award 
>in Scholarship. Our award recepients make us truly proud.
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