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From: Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray
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Sent: Thursday, April 30, 2009 4:30 PM
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Subject: Scammers are taking advantage of Swine Flu fear



What's in the news often drives companion scams. My office has received
complaints related to the Economic Stimulus Package, tax returns, and
television conversion to HD. It appears that the same predators are now
attempting to take advantage of people's fear about swine flu. 

According to the Better Business Bureau and online security companies,
e-mails from spammers about swine flu already make up two percent of spam
emails, and hundreds of Web sites using the term "swine flu" have already
been registered.

In addition to making you aware of this trend, I need your help to identify
the scams. 

Here's how you can help: 

*	Forward suspicious e-mails to the Federal Trade Commission at:
spam at uce.gov, then delete them from your inbox.  
*	File a complaint with the Attorney General's office about e-mails,
phone calls, direct mail, or other attempts to scam you. You can do this by
logging on to www.SpeakOutOhio.gov
%2boDnzO6GmFI7yc4tLey3zQ2E%3d&digest=JltbLnGudECl8zqXv4eXlQ>  or by calling
(800) 282-0515. 
*	Forward this e-mail to friends and family so they can be aware.
*	For reputable information and updates on swine flu and fighting the
outbreak, go to www.CDC.gov/swineflu

And remember: to protect yourself from any kind of scam, NEVER send personal
information, such as bank account numbers or Social Security numbers, via
e-mail. If you're asked for this information in an e-mail, don't respond and
don't click on links in the message.

Thank you for helping protect the pocketbooks of Ohioans.  


Richard Cordray
Ohio Attorney General

rr8id8HKvDHYZVPhMlD8%3d&digest=Lz90BIHX4feTA0idATAWkQ>  to a friend

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