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Thanks JoAnn you can replace me in on Tuesday. Brenda do I need to contact Tysa. 
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I'll attend on both the 4th and 6th of this week. Unfortunately, the 
later 2 luncheons are during back student refund check run dates for me. 
I fear that the processing of them might keep me from attending.

Jo Ann

ymccartyharris at ysu.edu wrote:

>Brenda I am on vacation, however a meeting needed to be scheduled for this Tuesday and I won't be able to attend. I will try and get someone else to attend in my place. Is this all the participants we have? Come on BFSA members we can do better.
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>  To ensure that as many as possible are informed, please excuse 
>duplication emails.  Group page listings do not contain all the names 
>contained on BFSA listseve. 
>  To date here is what we have, please check for accuracy.  
>             Time is 11a - 12n in KILC Chestnut room.
>Tues Aug. 4
>      J. Tyus & Y. McCarty-Harris
>Tues Aug 18
>      S. Lovelace-Cameron, H. Wilson, Y. McCarty-Harris
>Wed Aug 5
>      H. Wilson, B. Scarborough
>Wed Aug 19
>       S. Williams
>Thurs Aug 06
>        J. Tysu
>1. Cynthia Daniels will also be participating, I don't know the date 
>that she intends to come.
>2. Also remember:
>       a.  Summer Bridge Ice-cream Social  Campus Core/Fountain 
>           Thurs. Aug 06 from 7p-830
>      b. Kupita/Transiciones
>            Thurs., Aug. 20 McKay Aud [DEBH] from 10a-2:30p
>      c. Welcome Week Picnic
>              Thurs. Aug 27 University Courtyard Apartments 
>We are asking for food contributions, set up assistance early morning 
>beginning at 9am
>And of course, your stopping by to say "Hi" the new and returning 
>students to YSU.  
>     As always thanks for your continues support of these very 
>important programs for YSU's new and returning students.
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>t:(330)941-3126 e: bmscarborough at ysu.edu
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