[bfsa] Launch of New BFSA Website

Hasheen Wilson hawilson at ysu.edu
Mon Mar 8 10:49:59 EST 2010

T4 is launching the new BFSA website:




Much of the content from the old website has been transferred. 


We hope this new website will encourage more communication, and interaction
amongst the members and greater participation in the organization. 


The new website features:


Discussion and Forums:


1) How can BFSA advocate for YEC?



2) Cynthia Anderson, the new president of YSU. What should be her



3) How are contemporary films treating the poor and the working class?


Events/Meetings Calendar, BFSA News, Campus News, Our New Constitution,
Campus Resources, Surveys, and much more.


Videos and Photos from current and past events. Members can post events,
photos, videos and responds to discussions. Coming soon blogs from Hasheen
Wilson and other members. 


Go to http://www.ysubfsa.org and click Click Here






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