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Hasheen Wilson hawilson at ysu.edu
Wed Mar 2 08:55:45 EST 2011

Today's Rally for the Middle Class is finishing up as the effort to protect
our schools and students continues charging forward. CNN is reporting that
over 20,000 Ohioans turned out to today's rally, and we thank you for once
again leading the way. The sea of "Educators Against SB5" signs was
overwhelming and a clear sign of where the energy is in this debate. 

Every day, more and more members are getting involved, and today was no
different. Initial sign-in numbers show that more than one-third of the OEA
members attending today's rally were taking their first action on this bill.
Your efforts to reach out and involve your colleagues and supporters in the
public are really starting to pay off. 

The last piece of today's rally takes place tonight on MSNBC  when an OEA
educator is scheduled to appear to talk about what Senate Bill 5 would do to
our schools. Courtney Johnson, the Ft. Hayes teacher from the Columbus
Education Association who spoke to the rally today at the Statehouse, has
agreed to appear on the Ed Show, which starts at 10pm, speaking live from a
Columbus television studio.  We encourage you to tune in and watch. 

Tomorrow, we expect a large group of OEA members to attend our first
Educator Lobby Day of the session. If you are joining us and haven't RSVP'd
yet, just click here
<http://aces.ohea.org/site/R?i=kIQrbhByTTkpi1Y4cHRTcA..> . 

In response to a number of member ideas, we're going to designate Thursday
and Friday as "Educators Flood the Phones" days. We're asking all OEA
members to call our Educator Connector, 888-907-7309, those days and make
your respectful and strong opposition to this bill known. 

Finally, we want to highlight a couple of recent anti-SB5 events that have
generated press coverage throughout Ohio. 

Yesterday, educators and community opponents of the bill gathered in Lorain
county to ask Sen. Gayle Manning, a former teacher, to vote in the best
interests of students, like the ones she taught. See more about the Lorain
event here <http://aces.ohea.org/site/R?i=oN08m0T5s12hAXZaBnX5Vw..> .

Also after school yesterday, educators, police officers, fire-fighters and
supporters in the community rallied in Hamilton county at a "Protect our
Heroes" event. See more about the Hamilton event here
<http://aces.ohea.org/site/R?i=xw26tbsibDADwzuhGYqxnw..> .

Please look for more information about rallies and events throughout Ohio in
the coming days that are being spearheaded by our local associations and
coalition partners. 





Hasheen Wilson, MCIS

Software Specialist 1, Youngstown State University

President-BFSA, Youngstown State University

"Exercising Our Voice, Influencing Change"

 <mailto:hawilson at ysu.edu> hawilson at ysu.edu

330.941.2734 office


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