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Hi BFSA members!

One of our  members sent  Tracey and e-mail the other day,  that basically was asking is the BFSA still functioning.  The member said that everytime she sees something about a BFSA event its always after the fact,  and she was asking how are things getting done, how come we don't have meetings or when will we have a meeting.  So  I figured if she had questions maybe others do as well.

I've included an e-mail  that was sent back in March 2012.  That was an invitation to a general assembly meeting.  This is one of many many e-mails that were sent out.   Sadly, for one reason or another, the last 3 or 4 times BFSA general assembly meetings were called (no one showed up).  If there is some question  whether you received the e-mails or not let me know,  I can look up on the computer every person that the e-mail was sent to over the last 4 years, and I can tell you whether the e-mail was opened or not, and whether you received it or not (us computer  ppl have our methods)

Anyway  we have a few BFSA members that are keeping the organization active.  These members have organized, promoted, and put on several  very successful events in 2012 (very successful).  Prior to each event,  requests  are sent out asking for volunteers, participants, organizers etc from the membership.   The response from the BFSA membership space,  is almost always silence.  I mean cold silence.

We have tried to get members together to hold elections (to no avail).  One of the reasons for putting on the events  was in hopes that the general assembly would see the event realize the group is still alive and decide to  get active again (hopeful wishing on our part)
how naive we are to think that would work :-)

My dear, dear,dear bruthas , and sistas, If you are invited to meetings and don't come (or even respond to the invitation),  If you are asked (sometimes begged) to volunteer to participate or help organize an event  and you don't even respond to the request, then  I truly sincerely hope  that you have no bad words for those members who  do volunteer both (time and money),  who are trying to keep the organization alive.   If you didn't come to any of the general assembly meetings that were called, or executive meetings that were called  and didn't even take the time out to respond to the invitation,  I truly hope  you don't have any complaints  whatsoever about whats happening or not happening with the  BFSA.   Because  general assembly meetings, and executive meetings are where you get the formal opportunity to let your opinions, suggestions, complaints, recommendations etc be known.   And if you choose to not come to the general
 assembly, or executive meetings, the fault does not  rest with those persons that did make it to the meetings.  The fault rest with you.  Right?

Anyway,  this e-mail is not meant to be sarcastic or judgmental in any way. Its not meant to scold or mold.   Its meant to be informative.  I believe it was Luke 19: verses 28-40  where Jesus makes the point that "if the people are silent  then the stones will cry out"
Well, we have a few stones putting on events on the behalf of the BFSA.  Don't get made at the stones!

If you don't come to meetings, if you don't answer calls for volunteers , calls for participation, and calls for  organizers,  then you can't possibly  have any complaints about what's going on or not going on with the BFSA.

On the other hand we've got a big project happening on October 29th, 2012 I believe its a town meeting.  There are probably flyers all over campus by now that have been put  up by volunteers, and in this case most likely paid for by volunteers.   We would be over joyed if our BFSA members would come out in force to support this event.  Honestly we would be..... But if the past is any indicator of the future ....  Oh well....

If you can't come to meetings,  if you can't volunteer,  If you are not interested in organizing,  If you aint got no money,  then just wish us well  :)  Don't  hate....

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All,  A meeting has been scheduled for March 26th at 5:15pm in Kilcawley room 2067. Hope all is well and that you’re having a great semester and look forward to seeing you!  Sincerely,Hasheen    

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