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>>Kroeber Anthropological Society (KAS)
>>Special-Theme Journal Issue
>>Call for Papers
>>Scholars note that there is little discussion on "failures," or 
>>breakdowns in communication, between anthropologists and fieldsite 
>>community members in the practice of fieldwork.  Where there have 
>>been discussions on these incidents, in-depth analysis has been 
>>insightful for ethnographic findings and an understanding of our 
>>numerous identities as ethnographers.  Accordingly, the Kroeber 
>>Anthropological Society [KAS] is currently soliciting papers for 
>>its upcoming journal issue around this theme, entitled "Plan B: 
>>When the Anthropologist Becomes Data."  This issue seeks to address 
>>this gap in the literature on breakdowns in communication by 
>>soliciting submissions on how scholars in anthropology have 
>>confronted these events in their own fieldwork experiences.  We 
>>invite explorations on the multiple facets of this topic, such as 
>>what constitutes a breakdown? To what extent do we learn more about 
>>the groups we study as well as our own positionality when we 
>>experience a loss of "face"?  How are these incidents 
>>co-constructed, communicative acts between the anthropologist and 
>>the fieldsite?  Furthermore, how can we use existing discourse 
>>strategies in contemporary ethnographic writing to represent and 
>>critically engage with such incidents?  Or is it necessary to 
>>develop new strategies?
>>This paper call is open to scholars in all subfields of 
>>anthropology who are conducting fieldwork in communities abroad and 
>>in their "home" communities.  We strongly encourage submissions 
>>from linguistic anthropologists, archeologists, and related fields. 
>>Misfiring events are common elements of fieldwork, regardless of 
>>the locations of our sites.  Thus, this journal theme aims to 
>>emphasize that such events should not remain as neglected 
>>situations but instead become generative devices in the ongoing 
>>dialogues on the complexities of anthropological theory and 
>>practice. Submissions due February 9th, 2005
>>Please send two paper copies and one electronic copy (MS Word) to:
>>Kroeber Anthropological Society
>>232 Kroeber Hall
>>Berkeley, CA  94720
>>Papers should be no more than 11000 words (30 pgs, double-spaced). 
>>Electronic copies can be mailed on a 3.5" diskette or CD to the 
>>above address.  For format guidelines, please refer to the AAA 
>>style guide or the KAS website at 
>>For further information, contact: Nate Dumas--ndumas at berkeley.edu

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