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The Association for the Study of the Worldwide African Diaspora (ASWAD)
Third Biennial Conference
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
October 5-7, 2005

The Association for the Study of the Worldwide African Diaspora (ASWAD) was
created as an avenue through which scholars, activists, policy-makers, and
others can discuss ideas concerning the state of the global African Diaspora
and connect these ideas with concrete concerns and actions. Recognizing both
the unity and the diversity of the African Diaspora, ASWAD conferences
facilitate, in workshops, roundtables and panels, the exchange of
information and knowledge about issues confronting African Diasporan
populations around the world.

ASWAD has selected Brazil, the country with the largest African descendant
population in the Americas and, after Nigeria, in the world, as the venue of
its third biennial conference in recognition of both the historic place of
Brazil within the Diaspora and the prevalent Africanity of its national
culture. Brazil is traversing a most intriguing moment in Brazilian, South
American and Lusophone history due to its population growth-180 million
souls-and its current racial policies that favor the interests of its
substantial population of African descent. According to the national census,
the African descendant population of Brazil is approximately 90 million
people, 50% of the total, and the city of Rio has almost 6 million
inhabitants, of whom 52% are of African descent. In addition, ASWAD is aware
of the increasing involvement of the Brazilian government with present-day
Africa, highlighting a whole range of issues including North-South trade,
debt relief, and the fight again st pandemic disease.
The official conference languages will be Portuguese, English, and Spanish,
and simultaneous interpretation will be provided for all major events.

Conference Participation
Abstracts of conference presentations or proposed panels should be
double-spaced, 300 words or no more than 1 page. These should be sent to
drdaniel at mpowercom.net by March 1, 2005.

Conference Themes will include but are not restricted to the following:

Relationships and Connections between Africa and its Diasporas

Afrogenic Epistemologies and Hermeneutics: Conceptualizing the African
Diaspora from the Inside

The Pre-Columbian African Presence in the Americas

The Diaspora as Imagined Community

Africa and the Development of the Americas and Europe

Twenty-First Century Pan-Africanism

Twenty-First Century Racism and Anti-racism

African and Diasporic Intellectuals and Discussions of a "Black Atlantic"

The Indian Ocean African Diaspora

Diasporic Migrations

Wars, Dysfunctional States, Refugees and Migration

Diasporic Languages and Linguistics

Expressive Culture as Boundaries and Linkages between Diasporic Populations

The Media and Diaspora Representations

Independent Film and the Reconstruction of the Black Image

African and Diasporic Oratures as Historic Sites of Struggle

Economies of the African Diaspora

Gender and Class in Trans-National Perspective

Non-governmental Organizations as Catalysts for Change or as Cultural

Human Rights within the Diaspora: Issues of Autonomy and Interventions

African Diaspora Youth Attitudes and Behaviors

The Plight of Black Children Globally and its Implications for the Future

African and Diaspora Theologies and their Relationships with Ethics and Law

African Diasporan Spiritualities

Health Care Issues in African and African Diasporan Communities

Diasporic Collaborations-Santiago +5


Resistance and Marooning

Sustainable Development in the Diaspora

Education in and about the African Diaspora

Business and Entrepreneurship in the African Diaspora: Then and Now

Conference Registration

Registration for participation/observation is US$50 for participants from
the US and Europe. Registration for participants and observers from Latin
America, the Caribbean and Africa is US$30 (or equivalent in reais).

The Conference site will be the five-star Sofitel-Copacabana Hotel,
wonderfully located on one of the world's most beautiful beaches. The hotel,
just 10 km from the domestic airport and 25 km from the international
airport, is close to the downtown financial center and 30 km from Rio
Centro, the city's main exhibition space.

October is in the middle of Rio's spring, with a temperature of 65-75F. This
is usually a busy period for cultural events such as the International Film,
Music, Theater, and Dance Festivals. Participants may want to extend their
stay to experience the flavor of Rio for the weekend or to examine other
historic sites in Bahia, Minas Gerais, and beyond.

The Sofitel-Copacabana has offered ASWAD participants a special group rate
for double occupancy at US$150 per night, which includes a marvelous
breakfast buffet. After August 15, 2005, the same accommodations will be
US$170. The Sofitel-Copacabana will accept reservations on-line. For more
information go to and search for Hotel Sofitel Rio de Janeiro . Participants
may also make reservations on-line via the ASWAD web site, or a hotel
reservation form may be downloaded and faxed to the Sofitel-Copacabana.

ASWAD participants are encouraged to take advantage of the
Sofitel-Copacabana's extraordinary offer for not simply a conference, but an
exquisite Brazilian experience at reduced conference rates. There are
alternative accommodations at three and four star hotels: see Hotel Luxor
Regente ****, Hotel Debret***, or Hotel SESC/Copacabana**/*** ; however,
ASWAD hopes everyone will come together at Sofitel-Copacabana.

All airline rates for 2005 are subject to change after November 30, 2004 and
no prices are guaranteed until reservations are made! (The following prices
will be updated after the first of the year.)

Brazilian American Cultural Center Travel gives the following estimates for
travel between Oct.4-9, which include a Saturday night stay-over:
New York to Rio- Varig- $696.00
Los Angeles to Rio- Varig- $822, United- $800, Continental- $801.00
Miami to Rio- American- $570.00

For further info, please check ASWAD's website at the web address below.
Michael A. Gomez
Professor and Chair
Department of History
New York University
53 Washington Square South, 7th Flr
New York, NY 10012-1098
212-995-4017 (Fax)
Email: michael.gomez at nyu.edu
Visit the website at http://www.aswadiaspora.org

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