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Women as Global Leaders: Educating the Next Generation

March 14-16, 2005
Zayed University
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Request for Program Submissions
Although communication, capitalism and other transnational processes are bringing corners of the world together in new and interesting ways, the global environment is also becoming an increasingly complex and diverse place as different cultures, religions and nations intermix. This student leadership conference will explore what leadership roles women have and will play in this global environment, as well as the specific challenges, benefits and needs of different local and global communities. 

By focusing on women’s leadership education, the conference also addresses key questions concerning how to create and transmit engaged and dynamic pedagogies for educating women as global leaders. For instance, how do we teach leadership so women can bridge both local and global arenas? What new trends are emerging with regard to global leadership and women? Are there specific requirements and challenges for serving as global leaders or leading in international contexts? “Women as Global Leaders: Educating the Next Generation” will seek to answer these and other questions.

The conference format will include presentations by prominent world leaders and personalities, and opportunities for participants to interact with these leaders, as well as papers, presentations, simulations and workshops. While student participation is limited to female students, leadership practitioners and educators of both genders are invited. Parallel and interactive sessions are planned for all participants, and all sessions will be in English. 

Several conference sub–themes have been identified, and submissions are encouraged to address any theme; submissions across themes are also welcome. 

For a full description of each sub-theme, see the conference Web site at www.zuglobaleaders.org.

1. Educating for and about Women’s Leadership: Lessons from the Classroom and Beyond
2. Between University and Community: Leadership Programs and their Applications 
3. Responsible Leadership: Ethics, Gender, and Society 
4. Is There “Women’s” Leadership? Explorations into Gender, Roles, and Behaviors
5. Global Change, Cultural Traditions, and the Question of Women’s Leadership
6. Global Trends in Leadership: Women in Cross-Cultural Comparison
7. Women at Home, Women at Work: Leadership Changes, Challenges, and Collaborations   
8. Women as Peacemakers and Negotiators

Conference presentations may be in the form of an academic paper, panel discussion, poster session or workshop.

Deadline for Program Submissions: February 1, 2005

Submit proposals online at www.zuglobaleaders.org. Also, see the online site for contact information and FAQs.

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