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[The following query is from Jonathan Marion -- please respond to him directly
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One of the things I’ve been thinking about in relation
to this year’s SPA & AES meeting is what I think of as
“complex communities” – “places” and “sites” of
anthropological fieldwork and inquiry that do not fit
the traditional models of those terms. I know, for
instance, that I have a hard time responding to the
inevitable question “so, where did you do your
fieldwork?” since my own research on the competitive
ballroom circuit has included studios and competitions
throughout the U.S., in Canada, in England, in
Denmark, in Germany, and in Italy, as well as
interviews with numerous other dancers about ballroom
dancing in their own countries.

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone might be interested
in putting together a panel on such communities and on
doing research in them. Things that can be learned
from such research (such as ideas about globalized
embodiment) or adaptations called for in research
methodologies are just some of the issues that jump to
mind for possible discussion. 

If anyone is interested, could you please let me know
ASAP? Thanks.

Best wishes,

Jonathan S. Marion

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