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"Caribbean Migrations: Negotiating Borders," Ryerson University, Toronto
Call for Papers Deadline:	2004-12-15

Bandung and Beyond: Rethinking Afro-Asian Connections During the Twentieth Century
Location:	California
Call for Papers Deadline:	2004-12-20

Navigating Globalization: Stability, Fluidity and Friction
Location:	Norway
Call for Papers Deadline:	2005-01-15

"Caribbean Migrations: Negotiating Borders," Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada
Location:	Ontario, Canada
Call for Papers Deadline:	2004-12-15
Date Submitted: 	2004-11-01
Announcement ID: 	142075
"Caribbean Migrations: Negotiating Borders" will bring together scholars and
creative writers to promote discussion of literary imaginations of Caribbean
migrations, migrant communities and diasporas. The conference will take place at
Ryerson University, Toronto, 18-22 July 2005. Toronto is the host city for the
renowned "Caribana" festival and the conference will take place in the days
leading up to this spectacular celebration of Caribbean peoples and cultures in

Presentations and papers published in the conference proceedings will provide
not only a comprehensive assessment of Caribbean migratory poetics and fresh
readings of Caribbean border crossings, displacement, and exile, but will also
allow for comparative readings across different Caribbean diasporic literary
traditions and reorient literary theorizing around diasporas to the specifics of
Caribbean experience.

Papers that address any aspect of the conference theme are invited. Both
individual paper submissions and proposals for panels are welcome. Participants
are encouraged to address the conference theme from all relevant perspectives,
including (but not limited to):

    * Foreign Bodies, Foreign Minds: Race, Sexuality, Language and Caribbean
    * Hybridity, Syncretism and Caribbean Identities and Cultures
    * Indo-Caribbean/Chinese-Caribbean Migrations and Diasporas
    * Pre-Twentieth Century Migrations, Relocations and Contacts
    * Nations, Imagi-nations, and the Caribbean Presence
    * Second Generation Caribbean Identities in the Diaspora
    * Intra-Caribbean Migrations
    * Caribbean-Canadian Literature
    * Caribbean Writing in the US
    * The Caribbean Presence in Britain and Europe
    * Migratory Poetics: prose fiction, poetry, drama and film 

Proposals are also invited for two Roundtable Sessions on:

    * Travelling Cultures: Caribbean Festivals and Art Forms Abroad
    * Teaching Caribbean Literature: Visions and Challenges 

Please submit abstracts of 300-400 words to the e-mail address given below by 15
December 2004. Abstracts must include: title of the paper/panel; name(s) of
presenter(s); institutional affiliation(s); email addresses, telephone and fax
numbers. For further information, e-mail or go to the web address shown below.

Dr. Hyacinth M. Simpson
Department of English
Ryerson University
350 Victoria Street
Toronto, Ontario M5B 2K3
phone: 416-979-5000 ext. 6148
fax: 416-979-5110
Email: caribcon at ryerson.ca
Visit the website at http://www.ryerson.ca/CaribbeanMigrations

Bandung and Beyond: Rethinking Afro-Asian Connections During the Twentieth Century
Location:	California, United States
Call for Papers Deadline:	2004-12-20

As part of the Empires and Cultures Workshop at the Stanford Humanities Center,
Stanford University, we invite paper proposals for a two-day workshop/conference
to be held on May 14 and 15, 2005, under the title “Bandung and Beyond:
Rethinking Afro-Asian Connections during the Twentieth Century.” This conference
intends to mark the 50th anniversary of the Bandung Conference held in Indonesia
in 1955 that brought together various leaders and intellectual figures from
Africa and Asia to chart the trajectory of the early postcolonial world. We
welcome paper proposals from the humanities and social sciences that address the
historical repercussions of this event, though we are also broadly interested in
gathering together scholarship that examines Afro-Asian relations and
South-South connections generally.

Possible topics may consequently include:

    * The Event of Bandung and Its Political Impact
    * Antecedents to Bandung (e.g., Pan-Africanism, Négritude, the League
Against Imperialism, the Comintern)
    * Comparative Studies of Imperial Rule and Resistance in Africa and Asia
    * The Nature, Impact, and Meaning of Precolonial Afro-Asian Connections
    * The Soviet Union and China in Colonial and Postcolonial Worlds
    * The Cold War and the Afro-Asian world
    * Pan-Islamism and Pan-Arabism
    * Gendered Histories of Connection in the Global South
    * Post-Colonial Theory and Afro-Asian Solidarity
    * Counter-modernities and the Circulation of Social Knowledge between Africa
and Asia
    * Subaltern Studies and their Connections in Asia, Africa, and Latin America
    * Immigration/Diaspora as Comparative Experience/Frame of Analysis
    * Ocean Basins as Realms of Historical Inquiry
    * Black-Asian Tensions and Solidarity in the West and elsewhere 

We invite local/empirically-based case studies, as well as more broadly
conceived papers that are theoretical/ interpretive in orientation. We plan to
publish the best papers in a special issue of _African and Asian Studies_
(Brill), a commitment that has already been secured: we want to have a tangible
outcome to this workshop.


Paper proposals (500-750 words) and queries may be sent to:
	Christopher J. Lee
Department of History
Stanford University

David Kim
Department of Philosophy
University of San Francisco
kim at usfca.edu

Email: cjlee at stanford.edu
Navigating Globalization: Stability, Fluidity and Friction
Location:	Norway
Call for Papers Deadline:	2005-01-15

The Globalization Programme at the Norwegian University of Science and
Technology invites you to the August 4-6 2005 conference "Navigating
Globalization: Stability, Fluidity and Friction." Featured speakers are Gayatri
Spivak, Roland Robertson, Barry Gills, Victoria de Grazia, Jagdish Bhagwati, and
Amit Bhaduri. Conference topics will range across the humanities and the arts,
from globalization's effects on music, art and literature to sessions on
development, conflict and globalization, media and consumer culture, and the
workplace and the global economy. Paper and session proposals may be made to the
e-mail address shown below by Jan. 15, 2005.

Nina Sindre
NTNU Globalization Programme
NO-7491 Trondheim
Phone: +47 73 59 8017
Fax: + 47 73 59 1030
Email: global at hf.ntnu.no
Visit the website at http://www.hf.ntnu.no/global_conference05

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