[URBANTH-L] Women's Transnational Labour Migration -- Call for Papers for book (fwd)

Rae Bridgman raea at yorku.ca
Fri Nov 12 17:23:38 EST 2004

Call For Papers
Women’s Transnational Labour Migration

We are seeking submissions for a proposed anthology on issues related
to women’s transnational migration and more specifically women’s
labour migration within the Canadian and international context.
Working from an understanding that transnational migration is a
complex phenomenon involving multiple patterns, causes, and
experiences, we are interested in critiques of the anti-trafficking
framework with its over- simplification of these processes and its
anti-migration biases. We hope for critiques that go beyond those that
have pointed to its anti-sex work bias. In addition, committed to
centering migrant workers rights, some of the broad themes we wish to
incorporate include:

- the migration patterns, experiences and struggles of documented and
undocumented migrant workers in diverse national contexts and labour
sites (such as domestic, factory, agricultural, sex work).

- the struggles for migrant workers rights at the national and
international levels, which would include examinations of rights-based
initiatives and organizations and their effectiveness in protecting
migrant workers in diverse contexts.

Submissions should be a maximum of 20 double-spaced pages. We also
welcome shorter submissions, particularly from grassroots
organizations working on migrant workers rights issues. The deadline
is January 5, 2005. Please send one electronic copy of your submission
to womenandmigration at yahoo.com as well as 4 hard copies to:

N. Sutdhibhasilp
4 Hepbourne Street
Toronto, Ontario M6H 1J8

For further information, please contact womenandmigration at yahoo.com.

The Editorial Collective:

Kara Gillies is a working prostitute who has been active in sex
workers’ rights for the past twelve years. Her work includes health
promotion, legal advocacy, and political activism. She co-founded the
Toronto Migrant Sex Workers’ Advocacy group in 1997, and currently
hosts a sex workers’ program out of University of Toronto Radio. She
is presently involved in building links between sex workers and the
labour movement.

Annalee Lepp is an Associate Professor in Women’s Studies at the
University of Victoria and was a co-founder of the Global Alliance
Against Traffic in Women (GAATW) Canada in 1997. As a director and
project coordinator at GAATW Canada, she has worked on various
projects related to migration, trafficking, and human rights issues,
including research, facilitating workshops, and crisis intervention.

Nandita Sharma is an Assistant Professor in the School of Social
Sciences, Atkinson at York University. Her work examines the ongoing
significance of nationalism(s) to the realization of capitalist
globalization. Long active in feminist and anti-racist movements
working with (im)migrants, she is a co-founder of the group, Open the
Borders! which advocated for people to have the power to be
self-determinant in both their ability to ‘stay’ and to ‘move’.
Nandita continues to be active in transnational No Borders movements.

Noulmook Sutdhibhasilp co-founded the Toronto Network Against
Trafficking in Women with activists from Asian-Canadian community to
assist Asian migrant sex workers who were arrested, criminally
charged, and deported. She was a crisis intervention worker and
researcher for the Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women (Canada)
for two years. Presently, as the Executive Director of the Asian
Community AIDS Services in Toronto, Noulmook works in the
cross-sectional areas of promoting migrant workers’ rights, anti-
racism, HIV/AIDS prevention, and support for Asian women-at-risk and
Transgender/ Transexual women.

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