ANN: Art and the Fragmentation of Urban Space

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Mon Oct 11 18:38:31 EDT 2004

Art and the Fragmentation of Urban Space: Gated Communities, Global 
Links, and Non-Places

Location: University of San Diego
Date: November 5, 2004

The globalization of the world’s economy and culture is coupled with 
radical fragmentation of urban spaces. Most urban centers, since the 
1980’s, have been built in an historical and geographical vacuum, 
detached from the social, political, and functional contexts of 
traditional cities. New urban developments are hermetically sealed from 
their actual locality, and yet connected to a vast network of 
“non-places,” conspicuous in the uncanny repetition of identical malls, 
theme parks and airports across the world.

The conference “Art and the Fragmentation of Urban Space” at the 
University of San Diego will explore the manifold dimensions through 
which contemporary art and design relate to the reality of urban 
landscapes. The conference will be an invaluable opportunity to bring 
renowned artists, architects, art historians and cultural 
anthropologists across the world together with scholars, artists and 
community leaders.


    * Dennis Adams, Cooper Union
    * M. Christine Boyer, Princeton University
    * Benjamin Buchloh, Columbia University
    * Teddy Cruz, Estudio Teddy Cruz, San Diego
    * Kajri Jain, University of Melbourne
    * Mark Jarzombek, MIT
    * Roderick Sauls, University of Cape Town
    * Belgin Turan, Middle East Technical University
    * Sally Yard, University of San Diego

Conference co-chairs: S.M. Can Bilsel and db smith. Participation is 
free and open to the public.

Juliana Maxim
University of San Diego, Department of Art
5998 Alcala Park, San Diego, Califonia 92110

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