[URBANTH-L]AAA and the strike

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I was not going to go to the AAA meetings this year but for what it's worth.
I'm a union organizer at the University of South Florida and I feel very
strongly that any group that purports to be concerned with human beings
should not cross that picket line.  If the strike doesn't get resolved prior
to the start of the AAA conference, you could hold the meetings in the
streets outside the hotel, or in a nearby city.  As long as money is being
given to management, there will be no incentive for them to restore the
non-scab workers to their rightful jobs.
Plus, the threat of cancellation might have a beneficial effect on the
negotiation process.  
EJ Ford

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Dear Rob and urban anth,
The AES program site is attempting to keep links open with union info and
the AAA, so far a number of units have come out with statements but the AAA
itself has not made a statement yet.
all the best,
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