[URBANTH-L]Boycott the meetings? San Jose? Does SUNTA have a position?

Angela Jancius acjancius at ysu.edu
Fri Oct 22 18:25:58 EDT 2004

>From Ron Provencher <rprovenc at juno.com>:

Dear All,
        I agree most with Jeff Cohen's remark about having our meetings
in luxury hotels in the first place.  If the problem is a matter of space
for all our sessions and annual meetings, there are ways to deal with
that without continually feeding a monster corporation that exploits
ordinary working people.  
        With best regards to all my colleagues, but especially those who
will boycott this year's meetings.
        Ron Provencher, Northern Illinois University
>From Emanuela Guano <antemg at langate.gsu.edu>:

What guarantees do we have that the San Jose hotels that are so eager to
get our business have a different policy regarding unions? The SJCVB
message doesn't give any information on this point. How do we know that
we are not going to end up having to find accommodation in the San Jose
Hilton instead of the San Francisco or Atlanta Hilton? Next time the AAA
organizes its meetings, they should consider holding them on a
university campus instead. 

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>From Yvonne M. Lassalle <yvonnelassalle at yahoo.com>:

General comments about lock out discussion so far:

I would like to second Alyse Watterson's excellent
proposal -- create a fund to help defray financial
losses for the AAA. Angela Jancius excellent
suggestion of reconsidering the actual staging of the
convention is also worthy of discussion (but I may be
partial, as I cannot stand those hotels anyway).
Third, I take Susan Mazur's point to be that from now
on, as an organization, we should take a much more
active role in labor struggles affecting higher

how is SUNTA going to make a decision, and when?


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