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Robert T. O'Brien robrien at temple.edu
Sun Oct 24 22:58:26 EDT 2004

(Can you believe I wrote that with a straight face...)

Several people have already written back saying they would 
like to coordinate activities with other groups. Accordingly, 
we are starting a mailing list to coordinate all the various 
activities being planned. 

To join the list, send an e-mail message to 
<aaaunite-subscribe at yahoogroups.com>. You will receive a 
confirmation message. Just reply to this message and your 
subscription will be complete.

Kerim Friedman and Rob O'Brien, on behalf of the AAAUnite Ad 
Hoc Committee <http://aaaunite.blogspot.com/>
Robert T. O'Brien 
Ph.D. Candidate
Department of Anthropology 
Temple University 
robrien at temple.edu 

"We're changing the world,...freedom is the Almighty's gift to every man and woman in this world. And as the greatest power on the face of the Earth, we have an obligation to help the spread of freedom." GWB on 
why God loves an imperialist
"...a really diverse crowd here tonight. The haves, and the have-mores. Some people call you elite. I call you my base." GWB at the Al Smith fundraiser, October 19, 2000

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