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Angela Jancius acjancius at ysu.edu
Fri Oct 29 12:07:41 EDT 2004

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From:    hendrik.pinxten at ugent.be
Subject: Re: [URBANTH-L]Fwd: AAA 2004 Annual Meeting to be in Atlanta,
December 15-19

dear colleagues,

i renew my appeal as a foreigner visiting the AAA : we, non-Americans, will
be subject to a humiliating entry in the USA this year (fingerprints).
moreover, we will not get refunds for tickets and hotel reservations (and we
were not accepted for a session, so we will not get refunded by the AAA
either!). I keep thinking it is important to promote thought, rather than to
have a social meeting only.
my appeal is to the graduates to stick to their initiative to stay in the
Bay area. we will come and visit your conference and talk with you, on a
campus  (and not necessarily in a plush and select hotel). I think I speak
here on behalf of many more. so, please use the network of AAA or SUNTA to
respond by telling us what initiative in the SF area we can come to in the
period of Nov 17-21. it will allow us to use the tickets we have and to have
a sensible meeting with fresh and interested young scholars.
very best to you and let us have an old fashioned talk with and among
interested intellectuals.
prof. Rik pinxten

From:    af31 at nyu.edu
Date: Friday, October 29, 2004 10:09 AM
Subject: Re: [URBANTH-L]UNITE HERE Statement

Thus if this account is accurate then the entire situation internally within
the AAA, was an AAA executive board manufactured crisis either intentional
or due to lack of due diligence, either way equally damning.

This record of union engagement with the executive board as early as August,
now justifies a thorough investigation of executive board governance as
concerns this and related issues.  Has the AAA executive board given the
membership its version of an October surprise? Was Atlanta Hilton being
planned long before now as the viable alternative if the San Francisco
strike looked to be prolonged? Why were not these discussions brought to our
attention much earlier, why has the liability issue never been publically
discussed? What is the state of AAA transparency?

Allen Feldman
Department of Culture and Communication
New York University


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