[URBANTH-L]Two Responses: On Refunds, and on Dr. Brumfiel's letter

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Sun Oct 31 17:44:12 EST 2004

Date: Sat, 30 Oct 2004 17:45:30 -0500
From: "David Chaudoir" <dchaudo at uark.edu>
Subject: RE: [URBANTH-L] message for listserv

>From Dr. Brumfiel's message:

"...I hope that AAA members will now refrain from acrimonious debate and
destructive actions."

The debate on this issue has allowed various parties to express their views,
it has brought labor practices and union issues to the forefront of our
discipline.  I'm not aware of the destructive actions referred to in Dr.
Brumfiel's message, and if something malicious happened then
I agree on that issue.

But I don't think its helpful to silence the critical masses, however
acrimonious the discourse may sometimes be.  The views and offerings of our
membership offer valuable points of departure for discussing social issues;
ours is an open and ongoing (not closed) dialogue.

David Chaudoir
Ph.D. Student
University of Arkansas

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I certainly support the return of registration fees to whoever applies
for them. It is one thing if a person registers and then doesn't come'
its another thing if the date and place are changed.

Nina Glick Schiller

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