[URBANTH-L] New Book: Maria Chee's _Taiwanese American Transnational Families_

Angela Jancius acjancius at ysu.edu
Fri Apr 22 10:59:32 EDT 2005

Maria Chee (waimaria2000 at yahoo.com) has published a new book, which she
announces to SUNTA colleagues in the message below:

First, please allow me to thank those of you who have helped in ways that
make the following possible.  You know who you are, it is truly team work.
Now comes the news:

Routledge has just released my book Taiwanese American Transnational
Families: Women and Kin Work.  Copies can be ordered at the Customer Service
Dept at Routledge, (800) 634-7064. International orders please contact
heidi.milner-mith at taylorandfrancis.com

With appreciation,


1. Theoretical Consideration and Methodology
2. Historical Chinese American Transnational Families
3. Immigration from Taiwan: From Early Arrivals to Concentration in
Southern California
4. Taiwanese Immigrants' Impact on Local Communities
5. Migration from the Women's Standpoints
6. Global Political Economy, Local Disadvantages, and Transnational
7. Migration Decision and Power Relations
8. Impact on Women as Workers, Mothers, and Individuals
9. Impact on Marital Relations
10. Summary and Conclusion

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