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Thu Apr 28 13:32:22 EDT 2005

Thanks for keeping the list updated to conferences in our subfield (such as  
this post and the other about the German conference).  I must wonder,  
however, whether I made an incorrect assumption when subscribing to this AAA  
division.  I thought urban anthropology was one of the more practical  arms of our 
discipline.  Either I was incorrect or we are turning  the clock back a few 
years to when post-mo became the standard  "scholar-ese," unapproachable to all 
not well versed in the esoteric world of  literary criticism.  
I have to wonder how this is going to be helpful to our discipline  with 
budget crunches in Higher Ed and tenured positions of  retirees turning into 
multiple part-time adjunct pools.  Do we  not need to show our colleagues and 
administrators how anthropology is *more*  rather than *less* applicable to today's 
difficult economic times in  education? 
Please think about trading in the seemingly self-important naval gazing for  
more fruitful, applicable and future-reaching approaches.
Joe Ellman, Ph.D.
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2005 Tourism and Cultural  Change Research Conference
Sheffield, United Kingdom, 14-18 July  2005

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