[URBANTH-L]BOOK: John Friedmann, "China's Urban Transition"

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John Friedmann
University of Minnesota Press | 200 pages | 2005
ISBN 0-8166-4514-7 | hardcover | $56.95
ISBN 0-8166-4615-5 | paperback | $18.95

It is only in the past quarter century that urbanization has emerged in China as
a force of social transformation while a massive population shift from country
to city has brought about a dramatic revolution in China's culture, politics,
and economy. Employing a historical perspective, John Friedmann presents a
succinct, readable account and interpretation of how this transition—one of the
most momentous phenomena in contemporary history—has occurred.

“John Friedmann captures the most profound aspects of China's stunning
urbanization and makes sense of its world-historic importance.” —Fulong Wu,

“This is an extremely timely publication that clarifies the web of forces and
players involved in China's dramatic urban transition without forgetting the
historical backdrop peculiar to this vast country with a long history of urban
experience.” —Heng Chye Kiang

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