[URBANTH-L]REV: Gottlieb et al's "The Next Los Angeles" / Vale and Campanella's "The Resilient City"

Benito Vergara bvergara at sfsu.edu
Mon Aug 1 12:13:37 EDT 2005

On H-Net:

Nathan Landau, reviewing:

Robert Gottlieb, Mark Vallianatos, Regina Freer, and Peter Dreier. The Next Los
Angeles: The Struggle for a Livable City. Berkeley: University of California
Press, 2005. x + 279 pp. Photographs, notes, index. $55.00 (cloth), ISBN
0-5202-3999-7; $21.95 (paper), ISBN 0-5202-4000-6.


Andrew Herscher, reviewing:

Lawrence J. Vale and Thomas J. Campanella, eds. The Resilient City: How Modern
Cities Recover from Disaster. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2005. xiv + 376
pp. Illustrations, notes, index. $24.95 (paper), ISBN 0-1951-7583-2.


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