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10-12 February, 2006

"Mediascapes: Shifting Boundaries, Contested Terrains"

   A collaborative National Seminar / Winter Institute by
PUKAR & Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS)

This year's Winter Institute will explore the socio-cultural and
political implications of new media forms and the
transformation of old media.  Through seminar discussions,
lectures, and films, the conference will examine both the
potentially empowering effects of such transformations, and
the repressive consequences of increasingly corporatized
mass media.  We welcome your participation as we explore how
media spaces are constructed and emerge as sites of

Details will be forthcoming, including the conference
schedule and registration information. Please plan to join
us on 10-12 February at the Tata Institute of Social
Sciences in Mumbai.


 PUKAR cordially invites you to three events in the month of December:

1.    Date: Tuesday 13th December 2005

Event: The PUKAR Gender and Space Project presents a talk by Filippo
Osella -

   'I am Gulf': the production of cosmopolitanism in Calicut, Kerala

Venue: PUKAR Office, 2nd Floor, Kamanwala Chambers, Opposite Strand
Book Stall, Sir. P M Road, Fort, Mumbai 400001

Time: 6:30 PM

Filippo Osella studied at the London School of Economics (PhD in
Anthropology 1993), and is Senior Lecturer in Anthropology at the
University of Sussex.  He has carried out several periods of extended
fieldwork in Kerala and the Persian Gulf since 1989. He is currently
working on contemporary consumption practices and ways in which they
impact upon identities in the contexts of economic liberalisation,
high migration and Islamic reformism, with fieldwork in Kerala and
the Persian Gulf.

2.   Date: Friday 16th December 2005

Event: PUKAR presents a talk by Jeroo Mulla on

Pedagogy for Social Action

Venue: Max Mueller Bhavan, Kala Ghoda, Mumbai - 400 001

Time: 6:30 PM

Jeroo Mulla is head of the department of Social Communications Media
at Sophia Polytechnic, Mumbai, where she has been teaching film
appreciation for over twenty-five years. During this period she has
supervised the production of more than eighty student documentaries.

She believes it is the responsibility of media-training institutes to
sensitise the students to the deeper issues affecting our society.
She will speak about the influences in her life that shaped her
methods of teaching, which in turn impacted her students to do things
that would make a difference to the community.

3.  Date: Tuesday 20th December 2005

Event:  PUKAR Gender & Space project invites you to a discussion
around the institutionalizing of Dress Codes by Universities across
the country

Venue: PUKAR Office, 2nd Floor, Kamanwala Chambers, Opposite Strand
Book Stall, Sir. P M Road, Fort, Mumbai 400001

Time: 6:30 PM

The intention of this roundtable discussion is to raise questions not
just about dress codes but also the recent sanctions against couples
in many cities, the brouhaha over actor Khushboo's comment on
pre-marital safe-sex and moral codes relating to women's sexuality.

The Discussion will be initiated by an audio documentary Then They
Came For My Jeans.(12 minutes) made by the Gender & Space team along
with students of BMM Dept, SIES college.


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