[URBANTH-L]Workshop Tour: The Role of Industrial Knowledges (Poland)

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Fri Dec 16 14:53:53 EST 2005

Workshop: The Role of Industrial Knowledges

We are pleased to be able to announce the programme for the forthcoming
Regional Studies Association workshop on "The role of 'industrial
knowledges' in economic development of post-industrial regions", to take
place in the Tri-City of Gdansk-Gdynia-Sopot, Poland on 19th-21st February

The workshop will take place over two days and will be preceded by an
optional tour of some of the Tri-City's old industrial spaces. The workshop
will include a visit to the former Lenin Shipyard in Gdansk.

The seminar will be free to attend but participants will have to cover their
own travel and accommodation costs. Numbers are limited so to register for
the workshop, please email Mariusz Czepczynski (geomc at univ.gda.pl) before
31st January.

Gdansk (Lech Walesa) Airport is accessible by direct flights from Luton,
Hamburg, Dortmund, Copenhagen, Stansted and Stockholm, amongst others (see
http://www.airport.gdansk.pl/), and just over four hours by train from

The workshop will take place at a variety of sites in the Tri-City, within
which there is good public transport, so participants may choose to stay in
Gdansk, Gdynia or Sopot. A couple of websites which may be of use are
http://www.staypoland.com/gdansk-hotels.asp and

More information about the three cities can be found at these sites:

Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions.

Alison Stenning & Paul Benneworth
Centre for Urban and Regional Development Studies
University of Newcastle
alison.stenning at ncl.ac.uk; paul.benneworth at ncl.ac.uk

Mariusz Czepczynski
Department of Economic Geography
University of Gdansk
geomc at univ.gda.pl

~ Provisional Programme  ~

The Role of 'Industrial Knowledges' in
Economic Development of Post-Industrial Regions

A Regional Studies Association Working Group

University of Gdansk

Gdansk - Sopot - Gdynia, Poland
19th-21st February 2006

19th February Optional Pre-Tour and Welcome Meeting
11.00 Experiencing Contemporary Gdansk and Gdynia: Between Urban Myths,
Industries and Post-Industries - Study Tour with Mariusz Czepczynski

7.00 Welcome Meeting, Sopot

20th February
10.00 Old Industrial Knowledges in Poland (Gdansk, Doki 1, Former Lenin

10.00 - 10.15 Welcome and Introduction by Alison Stenning, Paul Benneworth
(Newcastle University) and Mariusz Czepczynski (University of Gdansk) +
Welcome by Lech Walesa and Mayor of Gdansk

10.15 - 11.00 Post-Industrial Landscape of Gdansk Shipyard: Change of Form,
Use and Meaning - Exploring the former shipyard area with Roman Sebastyanski
and Maja Grabkowska

11.00 - 12.30

Roman Sebastyanski (Synergia 99, Gdansk): Young City of Gdansk: Industrial
Identity as the Source of Development

Mariusz Czepczynski (University of Gdansk): Knowledge, Creativity, Industry
and Economic Development in Gdansk Conurbation

Borys Cymbrowski, Robert Geisler, Marek S. Szczepanski: (Management and
Social Sciences Academy, Tychy): A Locked-in Region? Upper Silesian
Industrial Basin on the Bumpy Road to Post-Fordist Order

12.30 - 2.00 Lunch

2.00 - 3.30 Sectoral Transformation and Old Industrial Knowledges (Gdansk
New Town Hall, Waly Jagiellonskie 1)

Paul Benneworth, Gert-Jan Hospers and Ben Jongbloed (Newcastle University
resp. University of Twente): From Textiles to Technology: New Economic
Development in the Old Industrial Region of Twente

Jolanta Jakóbczyk-Gryszkiewicz and Szymon Marcinczak (University of Lódz):
>From Textilopolis to (Post?)Industrial City: Structure and Intra-Urban
Location of FDI in Lódz, Poland

Pierpaolo Andriani, Franciszek Siedlok (Durham Business School):
Identification of Embryonic Clusters in the Context of Industry Demise - A
New Framework

3.30 - 3.45 Tea / Coffee Break

3.45 - 5.00

Jelle Bakker and Gert-Jan Hospers (University of Twente): Like Phoenix from
the Ashes? The Transformation of the Old Telecom Industry into the
Information Systems Cluster in Latvia

Richard Nunes (The Bartlett School of Planning, University College London):
Industrial Transformation and Institutional Change in the Portuguese
Footwear Industry

7.00 Workshop Dinner in Gdansk

21st February Gdynia, Pilsudskiego 46, University of Gdansk, Department of
Economic Geography

10.00 - 10.30 Morning Tea / Coffee

10.30 - 12.00 Spaces of Old Industrial Knowledges

Rüdiger Hamm (Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences, Mönchengladbach):
Structural Adjustments of Old Industrialized Regions: Results from an
International Comparison

Oleg Golubchikov (Oxford University Centre for the Environment, School of
Geography): The Use of Old Industrial Legacy in Modern Investments and
Reindustrialisation of Leningrad Oblast, Russia

Martin Myant (University of Paisley, Centre for Contemporary European
Studies): Mobilising the Potential of an Old Industrial Region: Economic
Restructuring in North-West Bohemia

12.00 - 12.30 Discussion

12.30 - 1.30 Lunch

1.30 - 2.30 Old Industrial Knowledges: Cultures and Policies

Romina Peritore (Urban Studies Department, Faculty of Architecture
University Third of Rome): Planning and Governing Post-Socialist
Post-Industrial Transformations

Alice Mah (Department of Sociology, London School of Economics): Challenges
and Prospects for Interrogating Old Industrial Knowledges: A Case Study of
East End Newcastle

2.45 - 3.15 Tea / Coffee Break

3.15 - 4.30

Craig Young (Department of Environmental and Geographical Sciences,
Manchester Metropolitan University): The Use of 'Old Industrial Knowledges'
in Place Marketing Strategies for Foreign Direct Investment in East and
Central Europe

Monika Murzyn (International Culture Centre/Cracow Academy of Economics):
Industrial Landscapes: Change of Meaning and Function in the Post-Socialist
Period - the Experiences of Cracow

4.30 - 5.00 Concluding Discussions and Workshop Close

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