[URBANTH-L]TOC: City and Society, Dec 2005

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Dear Colleagues,

Below is the C&S table of contents from Kathleen  Bubinas' message.


Special issue of City and Society on Chicago

Volume 17, Number 2/December 2005


Introduction: Revisiting "The City": the social production of urban space in Chicago

Kathleen Bubinas


Gandhi Marg: the social construction and production of an ethnic economy in Chicago 

pp. 161-179

Kathleen Bubinas 


Space and Place in the Metropolis: Arabs and Muslims seeking safety

pp. 181-209

Louise Cainkar 


"If We Let the Market Prevail, We Won't Have a Neighborhood Left:" religious agency and urban restructuring on Chicago's southwest side

pp. 210-234

Elfriede Wedam


Mexican Mothers Retelling the City: stories from the 'parents as writers' workshop

pp. 235-265

Janise Hurtig


The Downside of Racial Uplift: the meaning of gentrification in an African American neighborhood

pp. 267-290

Michelle Boyd


Commentary:  What is Special about Chicago?

pp. 291-305

Janet L. Abu-Lughod


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