[URBANTH-L]JOB: Environmental Studies, York U

Benito Vergara bvergara at sfsu.edu
Tue Dec 27 21:58:33 EST 2005

NOTE early deadlines (Jan. 3 and 16)

Two Positions in the Faculty of Environmental Studies at York University,

Global Humanitarian Studies

We conceive of Global Humanitarian Studies broadly, and seek candidates with
broad knowledge and experience in such areas as: humanitarian assistance;
humanitarian organizations (non-governmental and governmental); refugee and
migration studies (including their environmental dimensions); women and 
refugees; human security and peace-building; reconstruction; and/or human
rights. Candidates who take a critical interdisciplinary view of both this
field and the larger field of Development Studies, and who can draw upon
applied/institutional experiences, are particularly welcome. Also 
welcome are
applicants whose work focuses on specific areas (e.g., Sub-Saharan Africa,
Middle East) or intersects with such issues as food, water, gender and/or
indigenous communities.  Application Deadline: January 3, 2006. See also

Healthy and Sustainable Cities

We invite applicants with expertise in areas such as environmental 
sustainable infrastructure, urban vulnerability, urban ecology, ecosystem
health, public health, food security, or urban environmental planning and
management; other specialties are welcome. Regardless of specialty, the 
to link theory and practice is of considerable importance. We are primarily
interested in applicants who work within broad ecological and social justice
frameworks. Deadline: January 16, 2006.  See also:

Dr. Ute Lehrer
Faculty of Environmental Studies
York University
Toronto, Canada
<lehrer at york.ca>

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