[URBANTH-L]Query: on organizing a SUNTA gathering at the World Urban Forum

Angela Jancius acjancius at ysu.edu
Fri Dec 30 01:50:10 EST 2005

From: BARBARA WALDERN <barbaraw at sfu.ca>

Attention SUNTA colleagues:

I am a longtime resident of Vancouver, Canada. I am
also a former employee of HABITAT '76, at which point
I was a student of French and Spanish at Simon Fraser
University (SFU).

Being a SUNTA member employed at SFU, I am offering 
to perform some LIMITED and BASIC coordination of 
SUNTA activity, be it official or informal. Please
bear in mind that I am a grassroots organizer involved
in two peace conferences before and after the WUF,
one called "Towards a Just and Lasting Peace" 
(ilps2005.tripod.com) and the "World Peace Forum",
which I hope you consider attending as well. Given
those commitments, I cannot afford to also be doing
extensive coordination for SUNTA colleagues. However,
I don't know other SUNTA members living in this part 
of the world, and I would like to meet the SUNTA members 
attending WUF, so I therefore think we should try to
meet somehow in some way. We may also wish to attend
scheduled WUF events together. I list some kinds of 
tasks with regards to WUF that I would be willing to 
take on for you.

-inquire about billeting through departments such as
geography, education, sociology, anthropology and 
Latin American Studies departments at SFU and 
University of British Columbia

-create and maintain a contact list pending the
responses to this email message

-book a room and order food for a reception (for which
I would charge an entry fee to cover incumbent expenses),
or reserve restaurant space.

Of course, you should make inquiries to any other
contacts you have in the Vancouver (and Victoria) areas.

Barbara Waldern
Assistant Researcher, Faculty of Education, SFU
  (www.teachcan.ca --Project 4, Professional Researchers)
MA Anthropology, SFU, 2003

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