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SSRC announces the Third Annual Summer Institute on International Migration
to be held at the University of California, Irvine on June 27-30, 2005.

For more information see below or go directly to the website at
www.cri.uci.edu.  Please forward this email to anyone who might be

June 27-30, 2005

In collaboration with the Center for Research on Immigration, Population and
Public Policy (CRI) and other academic and research units at the University
of California, Irvine (UCI), the SSRC Program on International Migration is
sponsoring a Summer Institute on International Migration at UC, Irvine, June
27-30, 2005.
Application Process:
* Eligibility: Advanced doctoral candidates currently involved in research
or writing for their dissertations and recent PhDs revising their
dissertations for publication or initiating new research are eligible to
apply to participate in the Institute.
* Deadline: February 18, 2005
* Applications: The application form can be downloaded from the CRI website
at: www.cri.uci.edu.
* Contact Information: If you have questions about the Summer Institute,
please contact Carolynn J. Bramlett, Administrative Assistant of CRI
(e-mail: cbramlet at uci.edu; tel.#: 949-824-1361).
The Institute:
The Summer Institute will consist of formal and informal discussions,
seminars, training sessions and lectures designed to expose advanced
graduate students and recent post doctoral scholars to recent theories and
cutting-edge research in international migration and refugee studies. The
emphasis will be on presentation and discussion of new ideas and unpublished
research that can help to shape doctoral dissertations and postdoctoral
research projects. The Institute includes a two-day conference (June 28-29)
in which senior scholars and some junior scholars will report on their
current research projects. Training modules and seminars preceding and
following the conference will explore specific substantive, methodological
and career development issues and provide opportunities for junior scholars
to discuss their individual research with senior and other scholars in
small-group and one-on-one meetings. Conference sessions will focus on key
topics of multidisciplinary significance, including:
* Relationships among gender, class, race/ethnicity, and immigrant
* Second-generation immigrant mobility and integration
* Global economic and population changes and the future of international
migration policies
* Migration, gender, and health
* Transnational involvements, citizenship dynamics and immigrant
* Immigrant education, language choice, spatial location and mobility, and
integration patterns and policies
* Political mobilization and access to social services among immigrants
Training workshops will be conducted on such subjects as comparative and
historical methods in immigration research, network-based approaches to
documenting and measuring migration, getting immigration research funded and
published, and job placement for immigration scholars.

Scholars invited to serve as faculty members for the Summer Institute
include Richard Alba (SUNY-Albany) Frank D. Bean (UCI), Irene Bloemraad
(UCB), Susan K. Brown (UCI), Rogers Brubaker (UCLA), Kitty Calavita (UCI),
Leo Chávez (UCI), Susan Carter (UCR), William A.V. Clark (UCLA), Wayne
Cornelius (UCSD), Susan Coutin (UCI), Louis DeSipio (UCI), Adrian Favell
(UCLA), Cynthia Feliciano (UCI), Patricia Fernandez-Kelly (Princeton), Josh
DeWind (SSRC), Yen Espiritu (UCSD), Charles Hirschman (UW Seattle),
Pierrette Hondagneu-Sotelo (USC), Phil Kasinitz (CUNY), Jennifer Lee (UCI),
April Linton (UCSD), David Lopez (UCLA), John Mollenkopf (CUNY), Alejandro
Portes (Princeton), Jen'nan Ghazal Read (UCI), Gaspar Rivera (USC), Vicki
Ruiz (UCI), Rubén Rumbaut (UCI), Kamal Sadiq (UCI), George Sánchez (USC),
John Skrentny (UCSD), Gillian Stevens (Illinois), Richard Sutch (UCR),
Eduardo Telles (UCLA), Marta Tienda (Princeton), Judith Treas (UCI),
Takeyuki Tsuda (UCSD), Roger Waldinger (UCLA), Mary Waters (Harvard), and
Min Zhou (UCLA).

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