[URBANTH-L]Panelists for SACRPH on Urban Issues and race

Marie Alice L'Heureux malheur at ku.edu
Thu Feb 3 19:42:29 EST 2005

I am submitting a paper on Urban development and race in Kansas City to The
Society for American City and Regional Planning History (SACRPH) (due Feb.
14) to be held in Coral Gables, Fl., October 20-23, 2005  and I thought I'd
see if anyone would like to get together and submit it as a panel.

I would need  ASAP
* a one-page abstract of each paper, clearly marked with title and
participant's name
* a list of AV equipment (the Society can not guarantee all equipment will
be available)    
* a one-page curriculum vitae for each participant,
including address, telephone, and e-mail information

Marie Alice L'Heureux
Assistant Professor Urban Design and Architecture
University of Kansas
malheur at ku.edu

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