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From: PUKAR <pukar at pukar.org.in>

Pukar cordially invites you to a presentation of:


Date: Friday 18th February 2005

Venue: 1st Floor, Max Muller Bhavan (adjacent to Jehangir Art
Gallery), Kala Ghoda, Mumbai.

Time: 6:30 p.m.

The Documentaries:

The Sick Girl (11 minutes)               by Anita Atgamkar
Angela & Her Devil (10 minutes)       by Angela Nagarajan
If Shrek Were An Ogre (12 minutes)  by Divya Sharma
Career Girl (14 minutues)                 by Shabnam Badshah

Produced by Girls Media Group - A Woman's Place Project

"Four audio documentaries by four teen girls as they identify the
possibilities and complexities of life in the city as a young
woman, the search for meaning, the excitement and difficulty of
making choices - told with humour, reflectiveness and
creative abandon."

Executive Producer - Paromita Vohra; Editor - Rikhav Desai; Script
Consultant - Hansa Thapliyal;
Project Assistants - Sadaf Siddique, Patience Rustomji

About the Radio Documentaries:

1. The Sick Girl: An interior, reflective narrative about Anita who
recounts the experience of getting a rare, near fatal disease
and fighting back, only to find that she now has to fight being
always treated as 'the sick girl'.

2. Angela & Her Devil: A road documentary set in the streets of
Bandra, about her girl and her bicycle.

3. Career Girl: A wondering aloud piece about the importance of
success. Shabnam Badshah has her head in the clouds, and
her eyes full of stars - namely Salman Khan - but she thinks maybe,
she ought to be a career girl.

4. If Shrek Were An Ogre: A poetic, stream of consciousness
collection of 6 short pieces meandering through many thoughts,
many selves, many truths - while all around people keep telling you,
don't think so much, nice girls keep it to themselves.

These 4 audio documentaries were created towards the end of a year of
various creative workshops. The form of the audio
documentary is a relatively unknown one in India, where our radio is
mostly about popular music. It was a form that allowed
the girls in the workshop to work free of the clutter of perceived
ideas of how their creation should be. Each of the girl has
written and recorded a documentary of her own, with help from the
others in the group.

About the Girls Media Group.

The Girls Media Group is a program of A Woman's Place Project. the
program emphasises a creative and curious approach to
making sense of the world. It is designed to make high school/junior
college girls familiar with the media - to better understand
its content and its form, to understand its process so that they no
longer consume it passively, but have a more empowered
relationship with media and how it shapes our knowledge of the world.
The project has two dimensions - learning how to
analyse media and learning how to produce it in order to express and
articulate yourself better. While the project aims to create
greater political awareness and analytical ability, it emphasizes
creative approaches over didactic ones. The project has been
carried out simultaneously between Mumbai and New York.

PUKAR (Partners for Urban Knowledge Action and Research)

Address:: 1-4, 2nd Floor, Kamanwala Chambers, Sir P. M. Road, Fort,
Mumbai 400 001
Telephone:: +91 (022) 5574 8152 / +91 (0) 98204 04010
Email:: pukar at pukar.org.in
Website:: http://www.pukar.org.in

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