[URBANTH-L]"Invited" sessions for the AAA

David W. Haines dhaines1 at gmu.edu
Tue Feb 15 12:13:05 EST 2005

To: SUNTA members

Re: "Invited" sessions for D.C. AAA meeting

Please remember that you must submit full session and paper abstracts by 
March 1 if you wish to have a session considered for "invited" status. We 
will likely only have two slots open for invited status, so co-sponsorship 
by another section would be a decided advantage.

Just email everything directly to me by March 1 at dhaines1 at gmu.edu. Do NOT 
submit to AAA at that time. The AAA submission follows the overall April 1 

As always, other inquiries are welcome.

-- David Haines, Program Chair

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