[URBANTH-L]WWW: The Cyberhood, Website Update

Angela Jancius acjancius at ysu.edu
Mon Feb 28 16:59:37 EST 2005

WWW: The Cyberhood, Website Update

The Cyberhood website has been updated. The following have been added to the

1. A new featured article "Privileged Place: Race, Uneven Development and
the Geography of Uneven Opportunity in Urban America" has been added.
2. A new featured website - the Center for Community Change - has been added
3. A new urban community project "Follow the Money: Uncovering and Reforming
Michigan's Sprawl Subsidies" has been added
4. A new question of the week is posted to the site
5. A new featured program - ASU's Urban Planning Program - has been added
6. There are also new urban syllabi and books posted on the site

Keep sending materials and updates.
Rob Silverman, Web Moderator

The CyberHood's mission is to build a virtual community where students,
scholars, practitioners, and social activists, who want to change urban
society and improve the plight of people of color, can find each other,
share information, exchange ideas, and build professional relationships. Our
goal is to build a community that encourages dialogue, facilitates research,
and spawns joint ventures. The CyberHood is a place where people come
together to understand and change the world. Please visit our website at

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