[URBANTH-L]Call for Papers and Panels: 2005 AAA in D.C.

David W. Haines dhaines1 at gmu.edu
Thu Jan 6 11:26:19 EST 2005

To: SUNTA members

Re: Call for papers and panels, AAA meeting in Washington, D.C. November 30 
to December 4, 2005

From: David Haines, SUNTA president-elect and program chair

Despite the problems of this past year, it is nevertheless time again to 
prepare for submission of papers and panels for the 2005 AAA meeting in 
Washington, D.C. Basic details follow. More detailed information will be 
available on the AAA web site and in the January Anthropology News.

Theme: The program theme is "Bringing the Past into the Present." You 
should have received that by email from the AAA, but if not it should soon 
be on the AAA web page. This theme will probably be congenial for most 
SUNTA members.

Deadline: The deadline for submission to the AAA of panels, papers, and 
posters will, as usual, be April 1. It would also be extremely helpful 
(although not required) if you can let me know by email what you have 
submitted (at least title and participants) so that I can track it through 
the AAA if necessary.

Requirements: Panel requirements should remain the same as usual: up to 
seven fifteen-minute slots for papers (or discussants) for a regular 
session; up to fourteen of the same for a double session. Panel abstracts 
can be up to 500 words; the paper abstracts up to 250 words. It is strongly 
recommended that panels be coherently presented (e.g., that the papers are 
invoked in the panel abstract and that the panel is invoked in the paper 
abstracts). You can, of course, also individually submit papers and poster 

Invited sessions: If you wish to have a panel considered for "invited" 
status, it must be submitted to SUNTA by March 1. Note that for invited 
panels, the paper time limit will probably be extended to twenty minutes 
from the usual fifteen minutes.

Alternative formats: Please consider alternative presentation formats. For 
example, instead of a normal double panel, you might want to consider a 
regular panel followed by a "poster" session (e.g., overview in one, 
research or application in the other). If you wish to do a smaller, more 
relaxed panel (e.g., three or four papers in dialogue with each other), we 
may be able to schedule simultaneous round tables. Finally, if your work 
might fit into a workshop format, please consider that as well. Use of such 
alternative approaches will generally increase the odds of acceptance.

Networking: If you have ideas for panels--or are looking for papers for 
your panel or a panel for your paper--please send me a short note 
(dhaines1 at gmu.edu). I will collate such notes weekly and send them to 
Angela Jancius (acjancius at ysu.edu) who will relay them out on the SUNTA 

Panels from last year: Unfortunately, there did not seem to be any way to 
provide automatic acceptance and priority rating for panels that were lost 
last year. Nevertheless, you may wish to resubmit them--perhaps in revised 
form. In particular, you should definitely reassess the panel in terms of 
the 2005 theme and edit accordingly. Remember that there are two stages of 
review: by SUNTA and by the AAA.

Questions are welcome. Send them also to dhaines1 at gmu.edu.

P.S. As many of you know, SUNTA experienced more than its share of panel 
rejections and poor scheduling last year. Because of the collapse of the 
2004 meetings, there was little net effect of that. Nevertheless, I have 
had direct discussions with the former and current AAA program chairs, and 
with AAA program staff. There are several procedural improvements that 
should reduce the risk of those problems recurring this year. 

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