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How globalization is remade and internalized in children’s everyday lives.

GROWING UP GLOBAL: Economic Restructuring and Children’s Everyday Lives
Cindi Katz
University of Minnesota Press | 312 pages | 2004
ISBN 0-8166-4209-5 | hardcover | $74.95
ISBN 0-8166-4210-9 | paperback | $24.95

Growing Up Global examines global change through children’s lives in two
seemingly disparate places: New York City and Sudan. The book’s core is a study
of children in a Sudanese village that was included in a state-sponsored
agricultural program. Shifting her focus to working-class families in New York
City, Cindy Katz exposes connections with the Sudanese in the effects of a
capitalist environment on children.

“Growing Up Global is a valuable new addition to the growing list of critical
ethnographies of globalization. Cindi Katz’s attention to spatiality and what
she calls ‘time-space expansion’ offers a useful corrective to the familiar
clichés of globalization as an abstract, world-shrinking force.” —James Ferguson

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