[URBANTH-L] ANN: Winter 2005 Issue of Environmental and Architectural Phenomenology

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Tue Jan 18 17:20:32 EST 2005

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The winter 2005 issue of Environmental and Architectural Phenomenology is now available.  
Contributions include:

Urban Renewal and the Destruction of African-American Neighborhoods, by Eva-Maria Simms (review of Mindy Thompson Fullilove's Root Shock: How Tearing up City Neighborhoods Hurts America, and What We Can Do About It. New York: Ballantine Books, 2004)

Pittsburgh's "Hill District" as Recollected by Adults when They Were Ten Years Old,  by Curtis E. Thorpe

Intimate Immensity in the Preschool Playroom: A Topo-analysis of Children's Play,  by Rodney Teague

For further information, go to: www.arch.ksu.edu/seamon/EAP.html

Environmental and Architectural Phenomenology, published three times a year, is a forum and clearing house for research and design that incorporate a qualitative approach to environmental and architectural experience.

One key concern of EAP is design, education, and policy supporting and enhancing natural and built environments that are beautiful, alive, and humane. Realizing that a clear conceptual stance is integral to informed research and design, the editors of EAP emphasize phenomenological approaches to the environment but also cover other styles of qualitative, descriptive research.

EAP welcomes essays, letters, reviews, conference information, and so forth.

-David Seamon, Editor, EAP
Architecture Department
Kansas State University
211 Seaton Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506-2901
triad at ksu.edu

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