[URBANTH-L]Another SUNTA panel at SfAA (March)

Heide Castaneda hcastane at email.arizona.edu
Thu Jan 20 11:34:54 EST 2005

Dear URBANTH list members,

Below is another SUNTA panel that was not in the last email from Dr Rotenberg
because it was listed also as SMA.  It had been an invited panel via SUNTA for
the AAA that we moved to the SfAA.

Thank you.
Seth Holmes and Heide Castaneda

(F-45) FRIDAY 10:00-11:45 Ortiz Three
Theorizing Immigrant Health: The Immigrant Body as Nexus of Contemporary
Forms of Power (SMA/SUNTA)

CHAIRS: HOLMES, Seth (U of California-San Francisco/Berkeley) and CASTANEDA,
Heide (U of Arizona)

CARTWRIGHT, Elizabeth (Idaho State U) Picking Grapes in Sonora: Amuzgan
Embodiments of Social Injustice
ZONTINE, Angelina (U of Massachusetts-Amherst) Teaching Health,
Communicating Citizenship: Health Communication Media and Public Health Policy
in London, England
HOLMES, Seth (U of California-San Francisco/Berkeley) Race, Class, and
Berries: The Naturalization of Social Suffering among Triqui Farm Laborers in
DUKE, Michael (Hispanic Hlth Council) Immigrant Health: Pleasure, Nostalgia,
and the Epistemology of 'Risk'
CASTANEDA, Heide (U of Arizona) Workers from the East: Labor Migration and
Health in the Context of EU Expansion
MARTINEZ, Konane (U of California-Riverside) Ties that Bind, Clinics that
Cut: Transnational Mixtec Communities and Health Care Systems
DISCUSSANT: QUESADA, James (San Francisco State U)

Heide Castaneda, M.A., M.P.H.
Department of Anthropology
& College of Public Health
University of Arizona
Mobile (USA): (520) 270 - 6247
Mobile (Germany): 0160 - 522 8284

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