[URBANTH-L] Jobs (Graduate, Part-Time): Center for Cultural Understanding and Change, Chicago

Angela Jancius acjancius at ysu.edu
Mon Jan 24 10:35:16 EST 2005

The Rockefeller Foundation and the Center for Cultural Understanding and Change at The Field Museum announce an ethnographic project for 2005 called "MAPPING CULTURAL AND NETWORK ASSETS IN THREE CHICAGO COMMUNITIES". We would like to invite Spanish speaking graduate level students to apply for the 5 part-time positions. The project involves mapping the arts and cultural assets of recent Mexican immigrants in Cicero, Pilsen, and South Chicago/East Side. The project will provide data for cultural indicators in general and document the role of arts and culture in community building. It will also complement other planned or ongoing studies of the impact of transnational flows of labor and economic resources by providing baseline data on the ways in which immigrants create strategies for survival and security by drawing on their social assets and their networks of interaction. CCUC will be collaborating with Noshir Contractor, who does network analysis at University of Illinois at Urbana. 

Additional details: 
-Five openings for graduate students with ethnographic experience 
-Paid for 6 months @ 20 hours/week (March-August) plus travel expenses. Stipend will be $10,000 over the research period. 
-The work will consist of conducting ethnographic interviews and focus groups in Spanish using CCUC social asset-based approach. 
-Analysis and the writing of a final report are required. 
-Students will be working with a team of other ethnographers and network analysis specialists 
-Spanish fluency required 

To apply, send CV and cover letter to: 
Josh Ostergaard 
Urban Programs Coordinator 
Center for Cultural Understanding and Change 
The Field Museum 
jostergaard at fieldmuseum.org 

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