[URBANTH-L]CFP: City Authorities and Public Unrest, 1500-2000

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Fri Jan 28 13:43:55 EST 2005

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From: Harm Kaal <hgj.kaal at let.vu.nl>

Dear colleague,

 From 22 till 25 March 2006 the bi-annual European Social Science
History Conference will be held in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


City authorities and public unrest, 1500-2000

We hereby invite you to submit paper-proposals for a session on city
authorities and public unrest, 1500-2000. In this session we want to
compare the way in which city authorities have dealt with public unrest
from early modern till present times. By bringing together scholars
from different disciplines we hope to acquire new insights on how the
repertoire of actions of governments dealing with public unrest changed
over time and space. Although the role of the rioters themselves has to
be taken into account, the papers should primarily focus on the role of
city authorities.

We invite you to submit a paper-proposal of max. 500 words. The closing
for proposals is April 1, 2005.

You can submit your paper proposal by email.

Best wishes,
Jelle van Lottum and Harm Kaal
J.J. van Lottum, MA
PhD-student/International Institute of Social History
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
e-mail: mailto:jvl at iisg.nl

H.G.J. Kaal, MA
PhD-student/Faculty of Arts
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
e-mail: mailto:hgj.kaal at let.vu.nl
url: http://www.let.vu.nl/staf/hgj.kaal/

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