[URBANTH-L]Fellowship: International Center for Advanced Studies at NYU

Angela Jancius acjancius at ysu.edu
Thu Jul 7 15:39:45 EDT 2005

Fellowship: International Center for Advanced Studies at NYU
Fellowship Amount: $35,000.00
Application deadline: January 6, 2006

International Center for Advanced Studies at New York University:
Fellowships for 2006 - 2007. Theme: "Rethinking the Social"

This is the third year of a larger project on The Authority of Knowledge in
a Global Age. ICAS welcomes applications from scholars with PhD's at all
career stages in any social science or humanities discipline from the U.S.
and abroad. The project seeks to examine the production, circulation, and
practical import of knowledge generated in the various disciplines of social
inquiry. What are the costs of the growing divide between social science
inquiry and humanistic scholarship? What are the implications of the growing
dominance of U.S. based models of social inquiry for the understanding of
other cultures and for the fundamental concepts of political experience and
inquiry? The stipend is $35,000 for nine months and includes eligibility for
NYU housing. See http://www.nyu.edu/gsas/dept/icas for more information and
application forms, or write to the center (fax: 212 995-4546; icas at nyu.edu).

Eligibility Requirements: Scholars and intellectuals at all career stages
who hold a PhD degree or equivalent professional experience are invited to
apply for Center Fellowships. Scholars who have completed the PhD degree
within the previous three years are invited to apply as a Postdoctoral

Contact Information
International Center for Advanced Studies at New York University
53 Washington Square South, room 401E
New York NY 10012 USA
Phone: 212.998.3770
Email: icas at nyu.edu
URL http://www.nyu.edu/gsas/dept/icas

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