[URBANTH-L]Call for Papers: Edited Collection "SENSUOUS MULTICULTURALISM"

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For inclusion in an edited collection entitled: 




Edited by Dr Amanda Wise

Centre for Research on Social Inclusion, Macquarie University

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"Sensuality, sound, sight, smell, touch, taste, breath, hear, feel, haptic, vertigo, synaesthesia, proximate, experiential, material, ritual, flesh, bones, nerves, nausea, fear, love, hate, comfort, hope, joy, despair, longing, trauma, guilt, shame, pride, habitus and habituation."


This is the stuff of habitus, affect and the senses. Despite increased scholarly attention to issues of embodied and sensuous experience little is yet known about how these themes articulate with cultural difference, migration and experiences of displacement. This edited collection proposes to fill this gap. It will explore how the sensory and affective registers of experience articulate with:


1)         Migration and transnational lives.  And; 

2)         Living with difference in multicultural cities. 


The proposed title of the book ‘Sensuous Multiculturalism’ (a term inspired by Paul Stoller’s notion of ‘Sensuous Scholarship’) references experiences of migration and living with cultural difference at the level of embodied, sensory habitus. 


The book will be multidisciplinary in its approach, drawing on scholars form anthropology, cultural geography, cultural studies and sociology. Drawing on grounded case studies, it is anticipated the book will fall roughly into three sections: 


Part One: Encountering Difference, Embodied Multiculturalisms

Part Two: Sensual Re-habituation and the Migration Experience

Part Three: Sense Memory and the Migration Experience


It is expected papers will deal with such themes as:


          The senses, affect and habitus in intercultural / interethnic relations and encounters – especially in the multicultural city

          Sensuous spaces (and their apprehension cross-culturally) in the multicultural city.

          Sensory habitus and the migration experience.

          Senses, migration and food.

          Sensory migration and music, dance and aural cultures

          Migration and sensory recall/memory of the homeland

          The senses, habitus and affect in dis and em/placement.

          The interplay of senses and fields of representation. 


We are looking for papers based on grounded case studies which are tightly focused on the theme of the book. We are aiming for a good geographical spread of papers, with particular emphasis on case studies drawn from UK, Europe, Canada, Australia and the US. 


Abstracts of 300-600 words and a short bio of similar length should be emailed to Dr Amanda Wise at Amanda.wise at scmp.mq.edu.au by 15th August 2005.


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